Senior Lecturer

Fredy and Nadine Herrmann Institute of Earth Sciences

Hebrew university of Jerusalem, Israel.

Room 307 North


Ori.Adam (at) mail.huji.ac.il

Scientific interests

Climate dynamics. Tropical meteorology. Google Scholar profile.


Music that rocks. Mountain biking. MMA. BJJ.

Previously a member of the Israeli metal band AMRINAN (Ballad, Review).

Research Interests and Approach

My research interests revolve around climate dynamics, with emphasis on tropical atmosphere dynamics.

I strive to understand the underlying principles behind the dynamics of large scale natural phenomena in the atmosphere and oceans. In my research I combine observational analysis with theoretical analysis using a hierarchy of models across a range of complexities.

Research topics I am engaged in include:

  • The tropical hydrological cycle
  • The width of the tropics (Tropical Width Diagnostics Working Group)
  • The effect of continent distribution on tropical climate
  • The relation of the atmospheric energy budget and tropical precipitation
  • Monsoon dynamics

The theoretical tools I use in my research include idealized shallow water models of the atmosphere and oceans which are amenable to mathematical analysis, an intermediate complexity general circulation model (FMS), as well as the analysis of comprehensive climate models. I also strive to anchor the research in observations. To handle the large variety of observational and modeling datasets, my students and I use a software tool I developed (GOAT–Geophysical Observation Analysis Tool).

GOAT (goat-geo.org)

Screen Shot 2013-11-14 at 4.02.19 PM

Due to a lack of a generally accepted data-archiving standard, geophysical data analysis often involves  a great deal of time being wasted on learning the intricacies of particular datasets, redundant data conversions, interpolations, code adaptations, and the like.

GOAT (Geophysical Observational Analysis Tool) is a free MATLAB tool I wrote. It provides a standardized data management interface for all geophysical data.