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TropD is a free MATLAB-based software package that provides standardised methods for calculating Tropical Width Diagnostics.

The methodologies implemented in TropD are part of the collaborative efforts of the International Space Science Institute (ISSI) Tropical Width Diagnostics Intercomparison Project and the U.S. Climate and Ocean: Variability, Predictability and Change (US CLIVAR) Changing Width of the Tropical Belt Working Group.

An evolving draft of the documentation of the TropD software package can be found HERE.


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Due to a lack of a generally accepted data-archiving standard, geophysical data analysis often involves a great deal of time being wasted on learning the intricacies of particular datasets, redundant data conversions, interpolations, code adaptations, etc.

GOAT (Geophysical Observational Analysis Tool) is a free MATLAB tool written by Ori Adam. It provides a standardized data-management interface for all geophysical data.

Gill Model with an Idealised Bjerknes Feedback  Download

A Matlab-based numerical model of the damped Gill model used in Adam O., 2018: Zonally varying ITCZs in a Matsuno–Gill-type model with an idealized Bjerknes feedback. JAMES (submitted).